Warrior Testimonials


Sharon Gaitan

"Tara Kinney thank you for helping me get my mind set and getting me back on track. Appreciate you more than you know!!!"

Mary Evans

"I wanted to thank Tara for all of her wonderful training!  I learned and did so much during my time with her this year and am so grateful I had an opportunity to finally train with the fabulous, Tara!  Thank you so much Tara for sharing all your guidance & knowledge with us!  You’re such a wonderful trainer & inspiration!"

Jamsz Konnection

"Tara is amazing!  She not only teaches you wellness but she also lives it!  If you are ready to change your life, she will be there with you every step of the way."

Alyssa Cavazos

"Tara’s class was a challenge, but also very fun! A great group of people and I will definitely be coming back!"

Maggie Harris

"This lady is the real deal! She is kind, motivating, and a true worrior. Love her class hand her!"

Sheryl Lawrence

"Tara is a warrior! She challenges you to do your best."

Robin Joiner-Finger

"I love Tara and her willingness to teach and transform each and everyone of us. � Her dedication to fitness is contagious!"

Keisha Horton

"Tara is amazing! I'm looking forward to the great things she will help me accomplish this year alone! Amazing spirit and trainer!"

Joi Antoinette

"Amazing!!!!! Loved the energy and overall workout!"

Nina Inyang

"Indirectly, Tara has exposed me to the fitness world of like minded individuals. I did my first Triathlon thanks to her inviting me to join Sisters-Tring. We have also done team challenges and obstacle course races which I love. 

My favorite exercises are R.I.P.P.E.D and Personal Training simply because they both challenge my fortitude, strength and mental capacity to push through which has led to an my unexpected physical transformation. 

I'm still a work in progress yet enjoying my personal training journey as I strive to reach my next fitness level.  Tara's training philosophy of tenacity and warrior mental resonates well with me. She can provide the blueprint for success but its up to us to put in the work.  I love being challenged and the burn of a good workout. 

Our  R.I.P.P.E.D classes are intoxicating, energetic, lively, challenging yet FUN thanks to the comraderie of the Delta 3 Fitness family. We have the "Warrior" mentally that Tara  personifies and infuses through the group. We Encourage, Educate, Elevate and  Motivate each other to transform and reach our fitness goals. It's a lifestyle for me. "